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What is a Dealer Member?

ABSDA DEALER Members are regularly engaged in the Hardware and/or Lumber and Building Materials trade at the retail level, serving customer needs by:

  • Supplying and delivering all reasonable orders from their stock of complete product lines;
  • Being primarily engaged in the business of selling hardware and/or building materials to retail trade;
  • Having suitable retail space to serve the public, complete with adequate signage and showrooms;
  • Being open for business during regular business hours;
  • Selling primarily first quality lumber and building materials, which meet or exceed local and/or national building code standards.

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What is the Value of Associate Membership?

ABSDA has been offering comprehensive services to the Building Materials industry for many years. These services extend from the retailer to the manufacturer and include all aspects of the Building Materials industry.

Many of the same benefits that are available to a Dealer Member are available to an Associate Member. In addition, special associate member discount rates apply to advertising, mailings and booth rental rates in the annual ABSDA Building Supply Expo.

Additionally, dependents of ABSDA Associate Members in Atlantic Canada may be eligible for the ABSDA Bursary and Scholarship Program.

Who Can Be an Associate Member?

Associate membership in ABSDA is open to any manufacturer (including manufacturer’s agent), distributor, co-operative purchasing organization (buying group), wholesaler or service firm whose income from business operations in Atlantic Canada is derived primarily from the sale of products or the provision of services to the dealer members of ABSDA in the ordinary course of business and in such a manner that benefits all parties concerned.

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COVID-19 Resource Kit

All of us have been affected by the recent COVID-19 situation as it has unfolded across the region, country and around the world. There is not a business or individual who has not felt the effects either directly or indirectly. The next several months will be critical to all our businesses and we wish to help Members weather the storm.

Over recent weeks, we have been contacted by many Members asking what the industry is doing and looking for recommendations on the best way to continue operating respecting the health and safety of their staff and customers.

We are including some information which we hope will be of assistance to Members as they navigate this unprecedented situation. This information should not be considered complete and is for advice only. Each business must asses their own situation and make decisions which are in the best interest of their own operation.

Click here to download the COVID-19 Resource Kit

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