Driver Safety Training

The ABSDA believes that with education comes opportunity.  That’s why we make it a priority to invest in educational programs for our members to continue learning and encourage progress.  This is also why we make our scholarship and bursary program a priority.  Encouraging the furthering of education in our young people helps us grow stronger as an industry!


On-Line Truck Driving Programs


We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with carriersEdge to provide a comprehensive online training program that is cost effective, thorough, and measurable with good learning outcomes.  These courses are designed provide driver education on the safe handling, loading and operation of vehicles in our Member businesses.

Listed below are the courses that will be offered to our MEMBERS ONLY. Each course addresses every aspect of the safe operation of vehicles (pickup trucks, cargo vans, flatbed trucks) and should be part of your Health and Safety policy.  This is quite simply a duty of care to ensure that your drivers are trained in the safe operation of their vehicles.


WHMIS 2015 for Drivers                                                              $29.95

Accident Scene                                                                              $39.95

Transporting of Dangerous Goods                                            $39.95

Winter Driving                                                                               $39.95

Defensive Driving Straight Truck                                                 $58.95

Fall Protection for Drivers                                                           $58.95

Hours of Service & Logbooks Canada                                       $58.95

Practical Cargo Securement for Drivers Cargo Van                 $58.95

Practical Cargo Securement for Drivers Flatbed                      $58.95

Trip Planning, Parking and Deliveries                                       $58.95

Vehicle Inspection – Straight Truck                                           $58.95

Vehicle Inspection – Tractor Trailer                                          $58.95

Weights & Measures (MoU)                                                       $58.95


For course description click on the following link.    /userfiles/file/ABSDA%20Course%20Details%20(003).pdf 


To register for any of these programs click on the following link.



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