WCB Building Supply Sector Group


Nova Scotia WCB Building Supply

Sector Working Group


Empowering all in our industry to create a culture of health, safety and well-being to eliminate harm to all employees.


The Group will support the growth, development and implementation of RTW and OHS best practices into every aspect of operations and activities of building supply industry workers by working towards our vision.   


To provide a provincial forum for Occupational Health and Safety leaders to collaborate on strategies and issues related to RTW and Occupational Health and Safety within the building supply sector and identify synergies and partnerships in an effort to build sustainable and safe work environments for all.




Regulations Respecting Formaldehyde Emmissions on Composite Wood Products



WCB On-Line User Guide for Workers

https://wcb.ns.ca/Portals/wcb/Publications/WCB Online/WCB Online Worker Guide FINAL.pdf


WCB On-Line User Guide for Employers

https://wcb.ns.ca/Portals/wcb/Publications/WCB Online/MyAccount Employer User Guide FINAL.pdf



Minutes of Meetings:

Building Supply Sector Group Minutes - March 1, 2018



Building Supply Sector Group Minutes - September 14, 2017



Building Supply Sector Group Minutes - March 30, 2017



Nova Scotia Building Supply Sector Working Group Terms of Reference & Rules of Procedure





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